Islamic Relief Kenya

Islamic Relief Kenya invites reputable companies with a good track record of performance and experience to bid in response to the tenders below. If you feel that your company is able to meet our requirements and would like to be considered as a potential supplier, please browse the contracts advertised on this page.

Tender Ref No.Tender TitleStatusLocationPostedDeadline
IRK/QBN/CO/001/O5/2023Supply and Delivery of Live goats and Sheep for Qurbani Project 2023Open17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/TR/CON-BULTOBANTA/001/05/ 2023Construction of 3 NO. Classrooms at Bultobanta Primary School OpenTana River17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/TR/CON-HOLA/ 001/05/2023Construction of 3 NO. Classrooms at Hola Primary SchoolOpenTana River17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/MA/DRILLING-GARADE/001/05/ 2023Drilling of Garade Village BoreholeOpenWajir17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/MA/DRILLING-YABICHO/001/05/2023Drilling of Yabicho A BoreholeOpenMandera17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/MA/CONS-KORMAADOW/001/05/2023Construction of 2 NO. Classrooms and 2 NO. Twin VIP Latrine Blocks at Korma Adow Primary SchoolOpenMandera17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/MA/CON-BURUBURU/001/05/2023Construction of 2 NO. Classrooms and 2 NO. Twin VIP Latrine Blocks at Buruburu Primary SchoolOpenMandera17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/CO/SHEEP/CONS/RAPID MARKT ASSESSMENT/003/05/2023Consultancy Services to Conduct Rapid Market Analysis and Value Chain for Various Agricultural and Livestock Products in Garissa CountyOpenGarissa17/05/202330/05/2023
IRK/GSA/RHB/001/05/2023Rehabilitation, Equipping and Solarization Works at Modogashe Infiltration WellOpenGarissa27/05/202309/06/2023
IRK/MA/WORKS-BH/007/05/2023Civil Works at Kubi Borehole in Mandera NorthOpenMandera27/05/202309/06/2023
Rehabilitation of 4 No. Classrooms at Mandera Buruburu Primary SchoolOpenMandera27/05/202309/06/2023
IRK/GSA/CONS-MNRY/ 002/05/2023
Construction of 2No. 50cm3 Masonry Tanks for Shimbirey BoreholeOpenGarissa27/05/202309/06/2023
Rehabilitation of 2 No. Classrooms at Korma Adow Primary SchoolOpenMandera27/05/202309/06/2023
Rehabilitation and solarization of borehole at ShimbireyOpenGarissa27/05/202309/06/2023
IRK/TR/CONS/CLASSROOMS/HURARA/001/05/2023Construction of 3 No. Classrooms at Hurara Primary SchoolOpenTana River27/05/202309/06/2023
IRK/2023-2025Prequalification of Suppliers for the Period 2023– 2025Open27/05/202315/06/2023