Youth and Women Empowerment

Empowering Communities

Empowering women and young people

Women and young people are the key population groups prioritised by Islamic Relief in our livelihoods interventions. Our programmes are inclusive, gender-aware, transformative and specifically target vulnerable groups ensuring they have equal access and participation in political, social and economic activities.

a. Food and nutrition security

Programme objective: Improve the agricultural production of communities for food and nutrition security, increase income and build climate change resilience.

Islamic Relief has geared its efforts towards irrigated farming and innovation in arid and semi-arid areas for improved food security, environmental conservation, and income generation that builds resilience, reduces vulnerability, and economically strengthens vulnerable communities. 

Since 2006, we have initiated alternative food production activities among pastoralists to complement pastoralism, which is usually adversely affected by the effects of climate change like drought. We are supporting communities to produce high-value crops through irrigated agricultural farming while adopting climate-smart agriculture using agro-solar irrigation technology that uses less water and energy. Farmers are also benefiting from training on good agronomic practices, climate-adapted seeds for crop production, and equipment.

Our livelihoods interventions take a community empowerment approach, focusing on either strengthening existing or forming new community-based structures such as group savings and loan associations that serve as a foundation for livelihood support.

b. Socio-economic empowerment and skill development

Programme objective: Increase rights fulfilment and economic empowerment for women and young people in marginalised areas.

Islamic Relief believes that investing in women and youth through economic empowerment and skills development is an effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth. Our interventions support youth and women through both short-term and long-term job creation, youth skills development and enhanced economic opportunities for women and young people through investing in productive sectors, business and financial support. We provide a faith-based approach and perspective to women and youth empowerment and protection including efforts to combat harmful cultural practices.