Throughout our work, Islamic Relief has committed to the following promises:

Promote Gender Justice

Inspired and guided by our faith values, Islamic Relief is fully committed to upholding the dignity of all people and eradicating poverty and suffering through promoting justice, equity and the equal value and importance of women, girls, men and boys, as well as ensuring the protection and promotion of the family as the cornerstone of society.

In supporting the achievement of holistic wellbeing and the fulfilment of human potential, we endeavour to integrate gender perspectives that promote justice for males and females into all our humanitarian, development and advocacy work in a faith literate and culturally-sensitive way.

We will continue to expand our important programmes focussed on providing justice, protection and empowerment, ensuring equitable impact, and the effective access, participation, recognition and voice of both males and females.

Protecting the Environment

Climate change and environmental degradation have devastating effects on the communities with which we work. We enable communities to better protect themselves from the impact of disasters, with disaster risk reduction schemes often encompassing climate-change adaptation as well as initiatives to safeguard the environment from further harm.

Providing Islamic Perspectives

Islamic perspectives on humanitarian and social justice issues inspire all aspects of our work. We are a policy leader on Islamic humanitarianism. The research at our global programming develops distinctive, practical approaches to the key issues that are affecting our world today – including peacebuilding, child protection, and gender.