Our Strategy

Quality and Accountability Commitments

We have a three-pronged approach that captures globally accepted principles of quality, accountability and transparency as recognised by the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). 

a. Ensuring quality of projects through standardised project cycle management

Islamic Relief is committed to maintaining quality, managing risks, maximising resources while ensuring a balance between the competing priorities of scoping, budgeting and scheduling. We recognise the following stages as critical for effective and efficient project cycle management to produce relevant and appropriate results:

Needs assessment, designing, planning, pmplementation, monitoring and evaluation, and closure

Islamic Relief is committed to strengthening local capacities while avoiding negative effects in every project and ensuring that goods and services are delivered according to SPHERE and LEGS standards as far as possible. Moreover we recognise staff welfare and care as core principle that guides our programme management at all levels.

Islamic Relief commits to establish mechanisms and allocate resources to demonstrate our commitment to remain transparent, impartial and participatory while upholding human dignity throughout our interaction with rights holders. We recognise the significance of coordination and complementarity among various humanitarian agencies at local and global levels. We put conscious efforts to uphold the following three principles to demonstrate accountability in our actions:

  • Establishing impartiality and accountability through community participation, feedback and review of programmes
  • Ensuring transparency in communicating Islamic Relief's presence, intentions and services to the local community
  • Promoting rights and dignity through a complaints mechanism that promptly responds to any arising issues
  • Ensuring complementarity and accountability through coordination

b. Demonstrating accountability to recipients of aid

c. Assuring quality and accountability

Islamic Relief commits to continually fulfilling our vision, mission and aims. We aim to confront programme challenges while learning from our experiences. We consider the following functions as key to sustain and improve the quality and accountability of our programmes:

  • Managing organisational knowledge through staff capacity development and establishment of policies, best practice, guides, strategies, frameworks, templates and standards.
  • Ensuring consistent compliance verification through audit, review and evaluation functions at global level.