Solarization of 300 households

June 23, 2022
islamic relief

Islamic Relief Kenya (IRK) is a humanitarian and developmental organization with a mission to
provide emergency relief and development interventions to alleviate poverty, suffering and build
communities resilience to shocks.
IR started operations in Kenya in 1993 on orphan’s sponsorship programme through a local CBO in
Mandera District, Northern Kenya. It opened its fully fledged office in March in 2006 at the heightof
drought in the Horn of Africa. Since then, IR has been providing humanitarian and development
assistance to vulnerable communities. Over these years it has implemented various developmentand
relief activities in Mandera. This has remarkably changed the lives of the vulnerable and
disadvantaged communities. In January 2010, IRK extended its operation to Wajir County,
neighboring Mandera, in January 2012 expanded to Garissa and Dadaab, and in October 2017 opened
a programme office in Kilifi County.
In Mandera and Wajir Counties IRK is implementing project “Empowering Local Communities
through Integrated Interventions in Mandera & Wajir Counties proj